Velvette Slydale is my alter ego, based on the Calico Critters honey fox mother:

‘Mother, Velvette adores her family. She loves to take long strolls with Slick and her
children Buster and Scarlett. Velvette looks forward to the times when she can sit
back and relax in her favorite chair. She enjoys reading, writing and cooking. If that
is not enough, she loves to ride horses too.’

-Source: Calico Critters

Like Velvette, I’m also a mother, to two gorgeous boys, 4 and 1. They make a lot of noise (who’d’ve thought boys could screech and scream?) and turn the house topsy-turvy, but I love them to bits. Still, I treasure the quiet time I have to myself, and I like to spend my free time reading, writing or baking. This site is all about what I do with my collection of Sylvanian Families toys.


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  1. Posted by Lolly on August 28, 2012 at 1:45 am

    Ahh I love your posts!! Can you give me some advice on making a fansite?


    • Thanks for dropping by! I’m hardly an expert at this but I’ll say just write with enthusiasm, for your own pleasure if for no one else’s. 🙂 And post lots of photos! I love admiring other bloggers’ inspiring and creative photography.


  2. i was just reading your confusion about the slydales bio’s. there have been two slydale families in the uk and japan. the brown 80’s ones and the golden ones which you have. the uk didnt change the bio’s or names for the slydales. i have the slydales bio on my website straight out of the tomy handbook which is the same as the flair handbook. im writing uk family bio’s on my website. done about two thirds of them so far!
    i like the facr that buster is a bit naughty!
    sarah x


  3. i think ur site is really good, i love the blog part! as i have been collecting sylvanians for many years it was quite easy to put them into categies. ewebsite provides a template so i just aded my photos in sections and pages for writing on them. its taking ages to write all the family bios! i would love to add a blog or stories but like you i am a mother to a five year old girl so i dont have the time. i hope my bio’s page is useful to you and they are all offical from tomy /flair.


  4. Hi Sarah!
    The link to your website has a typo (“ewbsite”) so it led me to strange places lol. It was only after re-reading your comment that I figured out you meant “ewebsite”, and how awesome it is to find your treasure trove of information and pictures! Thank you so much for introducing me to your site!


  5. opps! sorry! im glad u like my website. i only started it in january. i still have alot of bio’s to write and it takes ages, doesnt help that the writing in the handbooks is so tiny, and ive got perfect eyesight! lol! feel free to contact me any time. theres my email address on my website. its had over 9000 visits! wow, im so happy people like it! thanku! xx


  6. Hi Velvette, I’m a journalist for VICE. We’re writing an article about Sylvanian Families and I was wondering if you’d be up for being interviewed? My email address is sirin.kale@vice.com, please drop me a line if you’re up for it. Many thanks, Sirin


    • Hi! I wouldn’t mind being interviewed if the process isn’t too time-consuming. I have my hands full with work – it’s exam grading season in school! – and my two boys. Would an email interview work?


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