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So I am officially on vacation till the 28th. This means that if I want to, I can spend the next 3 weeks writing about my Sylvanians and building up my little village.

But I won’t. Or rather, I think I won’t.

My SF mania seems to come in spurts, and always from mid-November to late December, as evident in the frequency of posts on this site. (No activity this time last year because of the baby.) I had so much fun doing A Special Sunday Brunch, but it was a lot of work and I’m feeling quite depleted idea-wise now. (lol) I’m considering taking the Brambles when I go on my beach holiday with the family, but I don’t really want to spend my time there thinking of photo ops for the critters.

There’s one thing that bugs me: I want to get more families but I can’t find any others that I like. I don’t fancy the rabbits, though I will say the Cottontails are the most adorable (Bugs Bunny colors, that’s how I remember them). I love cats in real life, but for SF cats I seem to only like the kind in the Chantilly cat mold; I would get the Simpkins cat family if only the parents are available. The bears are so ugly; I saw the Marmalade Bear Grandparents on sale recently and I thought, ‘Hey, finally bears that look bear-y and dignified, not like the overcutified Porridge Bears or drab all-one-color Timbertops. But of course, the rest of the Marmalades are not available anymore. Right now, the only family that appeals to me the most is the McBurrows moles, but perhaps that’s because they’re not sold where I am since I never found the brown moles attractive. First World Problem. :-\

I’m off to lunch now with my first-born. Don’t want to waste the first day of my vacation staying indoors. 🙂